About the Center

Message From Our Director

Scleroderma is a very complex, hard-hitting disease with severe and often devastating manifestations seriously compromising the quality of life of affected patients and often reducing their lifespan. The burden placed by this disease on patients and their families is often overwhelming and relentless.

The UCSF Scleroderma Center has been established to alleviate the suffering caused by scleroderma through the most advanced, compassionate, patient-centered, and streamlined clinical care. At UCSF, we have developed a dedicated team of health care providers and an integrated multidisciplinary network of physicians and clinical services across our Medical Campuses, enabling us to provide comprehensive assistance for scleroderma and all its complications.

The UCSF Scleroderma Center has also built a strong framework to promote and sustain innovative clinical and basic science research. Our ability to engage the most brilliant scientists at UCSF and at other leading institutions across the United States will certainly accelerate in the next few years our ability to better understand the causes of this disease, to predict with greater precision clinical outcomes and ultimately to discover safer and more effective treatments.

We truly hope that our patients, their families and their health care providers will find at the UCSF Scleroderma Center the expertise, clinical excellence and coordinated care needed to face this challenging disease.

Over the past 15 years of my career dedicated to study and to care for scleroderma, I have learned that there is hope, that we should never give up, and that even if a definitive cure is not yet available, there is a lot that can be done to help improving the lives of our patients.


Francesco Boin, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, UCSF Scleroderma Center