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The UCSF Division of Rheumatology takes great pride in the accomplishments and contributions of the many outstanding physicians and scientists who trained in our program over the past 50 years. Included in this distinguished group are leaders in academic medicine throughout the country, as well as prominent figures in government at the NIH and FDA, in public health and health services, and in the biopharmaceutical industry. Most importantly, our graduates care for people with rheumatologic diseases in every corner of the country.

Fellowship Campaign

Recently, two grateful graduates of the program launched a major initiative to raise a $2.5 million endowment to help support current and future trainees. Their generous contributions have encouraged other former trainees to participate in a five-year plan to complete the endowment. By so doing, they seek to establish a tradition in which former graduates and faculty members will ‘pay it forward’ to help the next generation of young rheumatologists.

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Rheumatology get together

Rheumatology get together