How to Be Evaluated

To be seen in our Center, please ask your primary care physician, your rheumatologist, or your pulmonologist to place a referral. Referral information is available at the UCSF Health Scleroderma Clinic website.

To expedite the referral, it will help to have your doctor send the following information:

  • Notes of your rheumatologist, pulmonologist, and other medical specialists
  • Chest CT scan results
  • Pulmonary Function Test results
  • Cardiac Echo results
  • Cardiac catheterization results (if ever done)
  • Laboratory tests including scleroderma autoantibodies

When you come for your visit, please bring a compact disc with the images of your prior CT scans (this is very helpful to us). 

Due to the demand for our services, we are only able to see people that have been diagnosed with Scleroderma.

Please note, we are not able to routinely evaluate people with Morphea. If you have Morphea, we recommend you contact the UCSF Dermatology Clinic and see our colleagues that specialize in Morphea.


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