Lupus Clinic

The UCSF Lupus Clinic focuses on the evaluation and management of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, with a particular emphasis on moderate to severe forms of the disease. Clinic providers have expertise in treating refractory, difficult to treat manifestations including lupus nephritis and severe arthritis and rashes. Because lupus is a disease that can involve multiple body systems, Lupus Clinic physicians work closely with other UCSF specialists including nephrologists, dermatologists, and neurologists to ensure that patients receive comprehensive care. Lupus is a chronic condition that requires close monitoring and physician collaboration throughout a patient’s lifetime. Clinic providers are dedicated to providing personalized care of the highest quality to our patients with lupus.

The UCSF Lupus Clinic is one of 22 national lupus centers participating in the Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium, collecting prospective information on lupus for the largest database of its kind. Clinic providers are actively engaged in the design and conduct of clinical trials in lupus sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence, and the Immune Tolerance Network. Patients are given the opportunity to participate in trials of novel and state-of -the-art medications. Clinic providers are also leading a variety of other projects including the California Lupus Surveillance Project and the design and implementation of quality indicators for the treatment and monitoring of patients with lupus.

The Co-Directors of the UCSF Lupus Clinic are Dr. Maria Dall’Era and Dr. Jinoos Yazdany.

For patients who are interested in making an appointment, please visit the Lupus Clinic website.